Paper Flower Patterns

Paper flower patterns can be used for many craft projects. Most people think of just crepe paper flowers for home decor or weddings when they think of these flowers. While it is true that paper flowers are used most often in flower centerpieces, bridal bouquets and flower arrangements of all kinds there are several other projects in which you can use your flower designs.

In this article we will look at a few of the less common ways to use paper flower patterns. Such as gift-wrapping paper, gift tags, tissue box covers and even craft paper projects for children.


First it is important to get all your patterns from a paper flower book. The book should also provide you with detailed instructions and a picture of the finished product. Using a photocopier and setting the size to the desired size you want for the pattern such as 100% larger can enlarge patterns. Or if you want a smaller pattern you can set it for 25% and it will be copied at 25% of the original size.

Paper Flower Patterns

· Gift wrapping - You can create beautiful gift-wrapping paper using these flower patterns. Simply make the pattern for the flower (petal or stem or both) and make you flower. Wrap the gift in your choice of crepe paper like you would with any type of wrapping paper and attach the flower(s) you made using the pattern to the wrapped gift.

· Gift tags - A matching gift tag to go with the wrapping paper is also a good idea. Use the flower pattern to make the correct size of course you will want it to be much smaller than the wrapping paper pattern so it does not take away but adds to the beauty of the crepe paper wrapped gift.

· Tissue box covers - These are very pretty. Wrap your tissue box in the color of your choice and make the flower using the pattern - measuring it to the correct size so it fits nicely on the top or sides of the tissue box. Just use caution when removing the tissues so you do not tear the crepe paper or the flowers.

· You can use these patterns for anything you would like to decorate. Including photo frames, scrapbooks, candle centerpieces and even holiday candy jars!

Kids love to do crafts and these are perfect for them. Using the patterns they can create any size their little hearts desire. Expect it to be big though. Children seem to love things that are big. Giant flowers are a great way to decorate the lawn during any holiday. Especially Christmas (if the weather cooperates.) Imagine how happy a child would be seeing their huge crepe paper flowers lining the driveway to help guide Santa to their house. Or the pastel colored flowers for the Easter bunny to find his way.

Birthday parties are another great idea for this gigantic crepe paper flower design. If they make enough each guest could bring a flower home with them. These are just a few of the many ideas paper flower patterns can be used for!

Paper Flower Patterns

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